Wallet stolen from Kaffeestunde

So I went to the Kaffeestudent at the German House today, friday at 5:00pm. I mostly went to try out the dessert Christiane had so strongly recommended, so I contented myself with eating tons of goodies and decided to leave around the time another group was leaving. (There are so many people coming to the Kaffeestundes!)

My backpack, which was left at the entrance, had an open pocket and the wallet was gone. I was pretty sure one of the folks who had just left had taken it… I headed to the library, got visa’s phone number and blocked the card. This was around 5:30pm I believe. My original plan was to head to Campus Center, possibly find the person returning the wallet without the credit card, and punch him. We’re pretty stressed with papers and such, what other good reliever than a mugger? But I forgot to do so and instead hanged out at the library.

Later, I got an email from Infodesk saying that my wallet had been turned in. The email was timed for 6:30pm. I was working at a translation, and grabbed it just now. Cash was taken, about $15 was in it. The credit card is there but they may have written the number/expiration down.

I asked the infodesk guy to identify him and cc’ed to Campus Programs. I don’t know if the person really needed the money, but my belief is that it’s mostly bored, spoiled rich kids who steal stuff just to cause trouble. Even if you’re found, you have enough money to cover it up.

Hang on there, dude. I was just looking for somebody to punch down.






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