JC's place – interview questions

Yongho Kim
December 3, 2003
Anthropology of Religion

Interview Questions:

1. What is your relationship with God? How do you experience him in everyday life?
2. What is the pastor’s role JC’s place? What is your role?
3. Are you a born-again Christian? Can you recall the moment in which God touched your life? Could you describe it, and how it has changed you?


4. What things that a Christian may do would become sin to God?
5. Are there things that are not relevant to your life as a Christian? For example, wouldn’t it not matter that your father didn’t let you have ice cream

6. In what ways does Jesus intervene in your life in times of hardship?
7. Do you make many friends here? How many people do you know at JC’s place?
8. Have you had times when you questioned Jesus, why he wasn’t next to you? How has he responded?
9. What

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    yes I am
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