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  • House Move 2020

    House Move 2020

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  • Testing self video

    Testing self video

    I have never really taken selfie photos before. Here, I’m testing out various technical questions related to filming myself on an impromptu selfie stick. Filmed using a Pixel 3a smartphone. does the external mic work? yes how wobbly is the video? does it need a gimball? it seems.. okay.. how much environmental noise can this […]

  • Colorful Eviction-Promoting Advertisement

    Colorful Eviction-Promoting Advertisement

    This 1/3 page ad in a Korean newspaper today is kind of amazing. It’s riddled with strange translation artifacts, but it seems to wink at landlords to take it to their law firm and start evicting people “right now!” while pretending to be a PSA by giving information to “both sides” (tenants and landlords).

  • Two months ago I upgraded almost all my…

    Two months ago, I upgraded almost all my computer components except for the SSD, PSU and monitors, because I was getting tired of how it was beginning to show sluggishness. I could choose to step down the heavy usage a bit, but also felt a little bit money could do the trick. One thing led […]

  • What does “patchiness” mean in this context?

    Addressing this question from HelloTalk: What does “patchiness” mean in this passage? Is there a similar word in Spanish? “Many ecologists now think that the relative long-term stability of climax communities comes not from diversity but from the “patchiness” of the environment; an environment that varies from place to place supports more kinds of organisms […]

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