After a few days of 15 hour workdays…

After a few days of 15-hour workdays, we were all half brain dead. One of those encounters happened on the last day. I saw a black woman waving a Kenyan flag in the crowd, and I asked: Is that the flag of Zimbabwe? No, it’s Kenya’s. “Oh, Kenya! That’s where President Obama is from!”

For some reason I really believed for a brief moment that he was born in Kenya. He was born in Kenya, right? Even Trump confirmed it. All those racists saying that you can’t be president if you are foreign born… uh wait..was I joking about birthers and then spaced out and fell into my own joke or was I lost from the beginning?

In any case Kenyans must be pretty proud of this achievement. He’s the son of a Kenyan national? That’s as close as you can get to Kenya while still remaining eligible for public office!

I don’t know how much Kenyans have claimed it, but if Obama was the child of a Korean person, there’s no way Koreans would have let that pass. Of course they would ignore him along the way, but the moment he’s elected everyone in Korea would open their windows and shout “All hail the Korean president of the USA!” and every interview wiith a celebrity instead of “Do you know Gangnam Style” would be “Do you know Barack Hussein Park?” – just like they have done with every drop Korean abroad who became famous, rich, or both.


how to use hotel batrooms during 24/7 protests

based on my gut guesses

1. Best will be hotels with a roomy lounge and 1 manager on shift in evenings.
2. Clean clothes. What would a tourist look like? I hoped an explorer hat would do the trick.
3. First time will be hardest because you won’t know where the bathroom is. Ask those who already did it or check for floor plans. Otherwise, walk like you know where you are going, look straight ahead while exploring the periphery looking for the bathroom sign.
4. Walk through the center of hallways and dont avoid eye contact with workers. Remember, you are a guest at the hotel and simply needed to do a bathroom stop before going upstairs.
5. Don’t need to avoid nor greet people, like you would do if you stayed at the hotel. If they acknowledge you, smile and say good night.
6. If you were coming back to the hotel after a rainy night, what would you do? That’s right, you would start to get comfortable. Don’t look like a person who will get right back out. Take off your hat or hood. Close your umbrella.
7. Hold a smartphone on your hand, scroll through it and look like there’s something real interesting (or important) in there, while you walk. If you worked at the hotel, would you want to interrupt someone who looks like a guest who seems to be in the middle of something, just to ask for their hotel keys/ID? I haven’t tried this, but maybe even have a phone call? (Tone the volume down, it’s 4am)
8. Made it to the bathroom? Enjoy producing something, and relax! No one’s gonna care about you on your way out.


Date usage to date first week managed by…

Date usage to date, first week (managed by me only – there are other hotspot charges being incurred by other hotspots used by other staff)

  • Yongho: 11.7 GB (first day livestream, 5Ghz hotspots)
  • (Yongho, NAKASEC, KRC are Project Fi accounts)

  • NAKASEC: 18.7 GB (Days 2-3 livestream, 5Ghz hotspots)
  • KRC: 16.2 GB + 7.2 GB (hotspots)
  • T-Mobile One Plus: 32.9 GB (YouTube), 26.2 GB (Facebook)

Cost to date: $117+$187+$162+$72+$90=$620


I have cramps all over my back and…

I have cramps all over my back and chicken wings.


Using Facebook because the people are there is…

Using Facebook because the people are there is like buying from Walmart because the products are affordable.


i can’t find a way to have the…

i can’t find a way to have the campaign page to always display the current running live youtube smartphone stream, and, b) in the case it’s offline, display the latest video. (B being optional)

There are solutions for webcam-generated live streams (called “live streams” by google, as opposed to smartphone-generated “live events”)