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2007 이민개혁 지금이 기회, 힘 모으자. 411 words.
2005 The Black Body as a feared Necessity in the Post-Industrial Urban Economy. 2,987 words.
2003 Maasai Identity as a Subject of Tourism. 4,015 words.
1999 Resurrección. 1,642 words.


2006 치카노. (Chican@) Wikipedia.
2005 Marchando sobre mar y asfalto:200 campesinos inician demostraciones sobre mar, obreros marchan al frente de la lucha. La Prensa del Pueblo Cham-se-sang 민중언론 참세상. December 13.
2005 El mayor navega aguas tempestuosos: Antonio se ofrece tomar posición poco deseada en MTA. Lisa Mascaro, Los Angeles Daily News. July 17.
2005 험한 급류에 올라탄 시장: 안또니오, 자발적으로 교통국의 문제석을 취하다. Lisa Mascaro, Los Angeles Daily News. July 17.
2004 백인 국가주의와 다인종 좌익. (White Nationalism & the Multiracial Left) In ChickenBones. Kenyon Farrow and Kil Ja Kim. June 9.


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