this this needs to be saved for posterity…

this… this needs to be saved for posterity

[Steam] Black Desert Online SA Free until March 2nd (Free)

Black Desert Online is a goofy game with a spectacular character generator. You can spend hours making ridiculously detailed characters that look almost nothing like it once you get in game. My kids and I spent a while making horrific monsters with the character generator for a cheap laugh.

BDO – the game itself – has systems inside of systems covered in menus covered in overlays covered in systems. It’s Korean to the Nth degree. None of it is explained well. In a way it’s a bit refreshing in a crazy awesome frustrating way. Reminds me of DAOC or Everquest where the only way you learned how to play the game was going online to read other people’s guides on how to play the game.

The voice acting is hilariously bad – like so bad you think they’re trolling you on purpose with it’s D level community theater reject, badly translated voice acting. The quests and plot are nonsensical. This is a game that encourages you to AFK and watch Netflix in another window for hours while your character does… something that nets you something else which you need 100000 of to gain 1% in something else, none of which is explained. It’s actually kind of brilliant in how obtuse and silly it all is. Just talking to NPCs is a wacky mini game that is never explained and after hours I could never figure out how to do correctly, nor figure out what any positive or negative response garnered me.

I put about 20 hilarious hours into the game before hitting my 100th “What in the FUCK am I supposed to do now” moment and then quit it for good. I actually encourage people to buy it when it’s on sale for just to see how nutso it is.







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