movements, notes. capitalism

class notes. jan 31. freedom movements

fr nights, Golden town

visual imagery
thrown out of the window
“John” speaking Afrikaans
english had subtitles (also aimed at non-english speaking native audience)
1976 Soweto’s school students boycott Afrikaans language

Afrikaans develops not to be understood by masters? but why don’t they speak it then?

violence / peaceful resolution

1. lower middle class
2. tails cat the N

Manning Marable: Race is the modality through which class is expressed.

Nothing but a man – filmmakers are white
violence: Tactially to attract (white) sympathy

every slave had to be zambo =//= need to be tamed?
Lily: nothing but a man “north” as a safe place
Pathe: Film noir detective, anti hero (Rosenberg?)
Social history -> women making “stuff” possible
movement history

(leola Johnson) extradiotigenic personality
on Abby Lincoln 1963

Jesse Goldman on Black Marxism, Cedric Robinson
-Theoretical background: racism & capitalism -> formation of europe
racism predates capitalism -> influences
immigratory movements in Africa care about work places of works
going to another place slavs as natural slaves
capitalism comes from a social order (racism)
capitalis is a process of “heteroginization”

Zach Cheema on Harold Wolpe
(P: racial and labor control in tension)
white domination
1. capitalist -less pay >>>> anti-capitalis (less efficiency)
2. af-am / blacks in SA
af-am considered inferior
sa considered equals
Wolpe is fixating in making Apartheid separate from segregation
strategies to create breaches among black/white workers

Jonathan Fredor
Cooper. black ideology
songs of Zion Tiembo
(P: Cooper doesn’t like Frederickson)
doesn’t walk much about U.S.
criticizes on mechanical comparison, too much white perspective (no black agency)
interested in how religions and ideology works

Shula Marks
-highest agers of white supremacy, John S.
marks is SA historian
doesn’t like comparative historical method
generalizing is bad
not enough info
George Frederickson had historical inaccuracies

Peter: comparative history is only done through a U.S. lens, and when you look at Safundi for example, more broad comparisons (brasil, etc) is done

I brought up racism and racialism from Anthony Appiah, and said Robinson is opposed to Frederickson.

group discussion
(what makes a slave) christians are enslaved too, white slaves
rights in he americas
colored in SA, frederickson p.133

Alessandra Williams on Manning Marable
phenotype condition
black migration
common worldview was destroyed
white working class gave up
George Lukacs -> racism
whitenes -> took hold off of whiteness
(P: prof of Af-Am in Columbia)

Leonard Thompson -> good overview

  • segregation of homelands

-blacks created their own economic world, niches
-ANC formation

Marable & Homeland LEadership

Lily on Phil Bonner
Apartheid’s genesis in the 20th C
processes of social history
(district 6 was bulldozed after 1946)

peter: per books, demographic (b/w in sa/am)

A. Randolph: WWII as a war on racism, going to DC asking for equal jobs
no jobs! poor jobs

SA there are jobs, no political power
structures & mandela/king



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