Spring 2002 class quotes or memorable momenta bursting out of the green

Modern Philosophy
Hans: On a sidenote, it seems like we could make an analogy between the Humean attitude of aggressive all-negation to that in… umm.. music, for example.
Gundy: So Hume is the heavy metal of philosophy!
Kevin: Yeah!
Phil31 is offered every spring
But Gundy teaches every semester.

Analytic Chem
Kuwata: so can anyone explain why our EDTA chelate will only hydrolize four ions and not these (indicates possible inner hydrogen ligands) other two? Would you predict they will hydrolize as the titration is put forward or maybe during a back titration?
Yongho: Well probably it’s because of the intramolecular forces, mainly oxide groups put so close together.. and the increase of ionic radius because of hydrolysis… (bunch of inconvex facts) from which we could predict a complete octahedral chelating effect after the second titration point.
Kuwata: Actually, … you make a good point, but at the conclusion you’re completely wrong.
Chem23 is offered every spring
Yongho: Oh, then they won’t hydrolize!

Symbolic Logic:
Folina: I’ll give you a concrete example so you can understand the paradox of material implication more clearly. So, say, televisions do exist. Then, if televisions don’t exist, the moon is made of green cheese!
[Students stare at the whiteboard in the middle of a deadly silence]
Phil20 is offered every semester

Cultural Studies:
Audun: But doesn’t this antinomical circularity undermine.. on the performative level.. their discourse itself?
Kordela: Yes, postmodernism doesn’t make sense. That’s why it’s all bullshit.
Hcst10 is offered every semester by different professors.







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