Interview 3: October 22

October 29, 2004
Interview 3: October 22
Ethnographic Interviewing
Yongho Kim

Y: I was trying to get all the poeple you had mentioned into some sort of taxonomy.
D: one taxonomy?
Y: but maybe, maybe just get a little vendor..
D: I mean, you can make, can make a taxonomy of vendors. (uhu) I can partly do that. Okay.. [sigh] Ah.. okay… there’s this.. something you could do is [sigh] these are kinds of members. There’s also the question, these, these people hold positions. They are not officers. At least I don’t think they are called officers. I would tend to move this one.. let’s get rid of these guys.. you use a word like regular.. regular members down there. Uh, and then just move the whole thing up this line. So, these are kinds of members but they do have specific designations – ride captains, COYs,
Y: I was just thinking that.. these should be on the second level because there are district editors, and there’s district COYs, and there’s the national
D: okay we have to.. [laugh] if, if we start doing the district, then you’re gonna have a whole another list. So that’s why you need to define what you have. Kinds of… I would say kinds of chapter members, or something like that. In other words, you are.. you can make it so big that you can’t imagine it. You can have other kinds of COYs, yeah, there are chapter COYs, district COYs, region COYs and the national COY. It used what they be. There are also ambassadors.. [laugh] forgot ambassadors. (oh ok) but they don’t occur at this level. you have district embassadors.. you have also..
Y: that’s why I was thinkin of the levels would be more like.. attributes of these people
D: yeah. if you cut it off in chapter, what you are saying is “I am adding an attribute to cut it down to one area” ok, and that’s what you would be doing. (I see) The.. and that’s what you should do. Because otherwise it will just get too.. you won’t be doing one thing at a time. There are.. I just wrote them down. [on the taxonomy] there are senior directors, [silence] see, uh, C.D. or Chapter directors are really the term for that, chapter director, and chapter.. I’ll just write them down dhapter director, you won’t get an assistant to that, nor any of these yo know.. you don’t get any of those there but you get your chapter directors. I don’t think there are any ambassadors at this level. So that’s just to add one thing. Uh, you know there are other kinds of officers. So senior, senior we just go right in – I’ll put him in here.Y: Maybe we could put in.. like what they are doing at the chapter level and what offices there are.. D: Okay this is chapter level. (uhuh) [marks chapter] Okay,..district (you coudl just tell me I could record it) ok, the district would be you can have a district director, a DD, [laugh] that’s an alternate way of saying it. I put a District Director and put DD in parenthesis. Just an alternate way of referring to the same thing. Okay, there’s a district director, there can be a senior district director. There’s a district trainer, and there can be a senior district trainer. There is a.. district educator, and there can be a senior district educator. There is a district COY, and i’m not sure if I’m dealing with officers now.. there normally, this is called the “state staff” [giggle] that’s what it’s called (state staff). yeah. and uhh, you know talk.. I don’t know if I’d use the term officers there or not, that’s a good question. But the “state” staff” is a way you would list that. There is a.. God, can’t do it all. Umm… a district editor (uhuh,) there is… any other formal officers.. the trainer, educator, uh there can be a district embassador.. okay.
Y: Is the district director the only person who has some alternate name?
D: Usually because you start getting into assistant district director, did I give you that? (No) I’m not sure if we have an assistant district educator.. district educator.. we might. I bet it’s possible to have one, so I’m just gonna give you what’s possible. Alright. You have a senior district director, you don’t have a district director too. But those are two offices and one.
Y: so.. if you have two a district director you don’t have a senior district director (no) you have either one
D: But that’s the other attribute of these terms. That’s the other term. If you say “what could you have”, these are what you could have. (I see, I see) Okay.. so it might be that all of them.. embassadors.. but all of hte other ones possibly might have an embassador. Just trying to think of anything else.. what are the reasons.. well, that’s an attribute. One of the reasons you have is so that you can move up in the position, but.. ok. Umm.. there is something called “the journal staff” [laugh] but that’s not under the state staff. (uhuh) and on that the journal stuff is the editor, the assistant editor, the area editor, – there are several – so it should be “Area editors”. Umm.. the.. advertising coordinator (uhuh) the uh… membership coordinator, let’s see anybody else..[silence] that’s all.. oh the, did I give you an assistant editor and yes I did.. (assistant editor) yeah, I don’t have one. (oh you don’t have one?) no, no, I just don’t have an office for it. Kind of reminds of cultures, where there are officers but there aren’t necessarily people. [in it] There can be people, and some of them holds, if, if, you know, someone were to assasinate the president of the united states, the office is still there, but nobody is holding it for a minute, until the vicepresident was sworn in. So, these are offices, these are positions, and often it is hard for students to get the idea that individuals are that. Well, there is a senior district director, but there isn’t an “office” called that, too. And when there is no one filling it, it’s still an office and we still know that it exists. They just invented that one about five years ago. Cuz uhm.. people were staying on and they needed a way to to put a term to it, so if they did it over the 2year term they were seniors. (oh, ok) those are attributes. Those are attributes.
Y: Umm, so could you tell me about the chapter level? WHat officers would there be? (Oh I did) oh, that was about the district lelvel?
D: I just did the district level (uhuh) ok? umm I can’t do the district.. I am not sure about the region and the national. There are some offices I don’t know. (Oh, what you read here is the chapter) that’s the chapter. Oh, ok. Could you tell me about.. what these chapter officers



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