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  • Leavitt Lies: Medicare Part D Enrollment Numbers

    Leavitt says that Medicare Part D was a success because “Around 90 percent of Medicare beneficiaries have enrolled” (DHHS Press Release, 4/4/06) to Part D. This statement is repeated in his Three-Month Progress Report (PDF) “[Seniors] have enrolled” is not the exact phrasing I would use. “[Seniors] have been enrolled” is more accurate. Let’s take […]

  • alienated translator

    Consider this a front-line ethnographic report on translator-original text producer split of a phenomenon that also occurs in the programming front with i18n’s when you step down from the MTA bus, you can see at the exit a sign that reads Wait for green light, then step down and also right below it Espere por […]

  • Two and half years ago our ethnographic interviewing…

    Two and half years ago, our ethnographic interviewing methods professor walked us through what was to come, towards the end of the semester: … What other classes your could take to complement ours? Hmm, I’d say, take statistics. No! Don’t take it here. No need to waste your tuition dollars on an introductory math course. […]

  • Senate approves nomination of Mark McClellan for CMS administrator

    This stuff doesn’t show up on their website anymore nor the Internet Archive, but it’s still on google cache. Senate approves nomination of Mark McClellan for CMS administrator

  • identifying the sin

    A: Teacher what’s this paper? YoKim: it’s the circle of holiness. Who can recall what 전도사님 talked about today? T: Oh me me! YoKim: no someone else besides T… hmm E can you tell everyone what was the message today? E: Nah.. YoKim: ok then let’s have T answer it. Silence! Everyone listen to T. […]

  • relationships on the bus

    even though I felt as if my main problem as an organizer, an utter inability to establish relationships with bus riders was on the way to be solved as I tried a different approach yesterday at the BRU organizing drive (for general membership), I’m skeptic on two aspects of said improvement 1. Was it really […]